IIn Sendai, tea ceremony was flourished because it was a castle town of Date clan. Variety sweets were born and also seafood, "Sasakama" blessed with riches of the soil, Kamaboko that symbolize Miyagi, Miyagi "Sasanishiki" and "GyuuTan".
If I make a shopping site and best selection, I would like to try to make the Sendai well-established store shopping street that collects only well-established store in our local, Sendai.
Not like shopping mall that only a collect well-established stores, but Sendai well-established store le to participate directly with the spirit of the "Let's! make local Sendai more excited" .

  • ・Hitachiya Classic cheap sweets, handmade rustic flavors and shapes. Even the sound of their names bring back memories of the old days.
  • ・Kanezaki The taste of Kanezaki's kamaboko stands above all others. One try of these fish cakes and you are sure to love them.
  • ・Datenogyutan Nationally famous, originated in Sendai, gyutan (beef tongue) is Sendai's delicacy. Our shop also does home delivey using the 'cool TA-Q-BIN servise'
  • ・Sanshokumonaka The three fans of this wafer each contain a different flavor of bean paste. Each flavor is representative of Sendai's sweets, each a different colour. Eat them tother to experience an exquisite harmony.
  • ・Okada Shokuhin Long eggplants grown in Sendai have a unique shape and color. Pickled with reduced salt, the taste is truly delicate.
  • ・Fujiyasensyu The number one sweet, Hasekurayaki has a rare fresh butter and walnut flavor combination.
  • ・EastFarm Miyagi Our rice is grown by experts in the district of Osaki. Every effort is made to create a natural product, grown with limited use of pesticides.
  • ・Setoya Pursuant to the ideal of food and medicine coming from the same source. Yokan jelly snacks are healthy and tasty, made using only seasonal ingredients.
  • ・Kokonoehonpo Tamazawa Over three hundred years of selling sweets in Sendai, continues to protect the work and traditions of Japanese sweet making..
  • ・Baikado A well known store, Baikaidou does not mass produce its goods, but sells only masterfully hand crafted sweets made with superior inredients.
  • ・Kayu-tei A true taste of our home-town, Rice cakes made from Miyakogane rice, topped wih flavorful dadacha beans.
  • ・Sendai makoron A traditional baked macaron with a simple taste and shape. Let its warmth go through to your heart.
  • ・Abekou Miso An old fashioned recipe and carefully selected ingredients make Abe Koushoten' miso authentic Sendai miso.