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introduce the festival of Sendai

Spring in Sendai  is celebrated 丒丒丒 Sendai Aoba Festival

Holding period: The third Saturday May and Sunday

aoba festival

1985 was the 350th anniversary of the death of Date Masamune.This festival was revived as a citizen's festival.During the festival light and cheerful musical
accompaniment to the suzumeodori dance resound far and wide,and the city comes alive with the whole town dancing. 0n the day of the festival eleven gorgeous
floats parade the city streets with aportabIe shrine being borne and carried by people from the Aoba Shrine.This takes place on the third weekend of May.

The grace of the star festival  丒丒丒 Sendai Tanabata Festival

Holding period: Three days, August 6񒵼 (festival fireworks at previous night, August 5)

tanabata festival

A traditional event that has continued since the times of Date Masamune. lt is considered as one of the the three great festivals in the Tohoku region in the central arcades and the shopping streets. There are about 3,000 tanabata bamboo decorations, small and large, swinging in the wind. 0n the eve of the festival, The Tanabata Fireworks Display is held ,crowded with many spectators.Tanabata takes place on August 6th-8th.(An eve is on 5th.)

Calling all music lovers!  丒丒丒 Jozenji Street Jazz Festival

Holding period: Two days of weekend of September

jass festival

With the motto”Music should really be played outdoors,"
This festival was started in 1991.
During this festival there are stages on Jozenji-dori Avenue,Kotodai Park,and other central parts of the city.
Jazz,pops,rock,and other types of music swing the whole town.
This takes place on the second weekend of September every year.

Poetic event of winter   丒丒丒 Sendai Pageant of Starlight

The holding period: Until the middle of December - the 31st


Electric lights decorating the Zelkova trees on Jozenji street and Aoba street color the night sky of Sendai. From 17:30 to 23:00 during December (Till 24:00 on Dec31.)
They are simultaneously put out and lit again one minute later, three times at 18,19 and 20 o'clock, which is called the starlight wink.
There are also various events such as a Santa Claus parade called the Story of Santa's Forest.